Calculating…Farming Smarter

You know you work for an engineering firm when you start calculating stuff for fun!

Our water fountain calculates how many water bottles we save by using it instead of buying a bottle of water. The digital display is 8 numbers long, so eventually we could ‘max out the display’.

The post it reads: “At our current rate of saving bottles, we are on pace to max out the display (ie. 99,999,999 bottles) by the year 41,623.”

Our detail guy Jeff helped point out that we don’t have to worry about running out of space on our drinking fountain display.  How cool is it that we can track this kind of thing and make projections using known data for our specific location.

This example really is kind of a silly calculation; but, on farms there are always times when you can use data to make calculations and projections that help you ensure efficiency, compile reports, plan for replacements, and even ensure a sustainable operation over the long term. 

Why wouldn’t you want to get a leg up by farming smarter? 

~ Kelly Jacobs, Senior Environmental Scientist