Home Design

Erin & Leroy wanted to build a home. The problem was even though they knew what they wanted, they weren’t quite sure how to get there.

  • They needed to submit building permits to the state, but they’d never done that before.
  • They needed to put their home plan ideas on paper and get all of the details nailed down, but all they had was some hand-drawn sketches.
  • They wanted to build their home with exposed ductwork but didn’t know how to show that either.

Then they connected with Ronnie Williams.

Ronnie owns Williams Engineering Services, and he loves solving problems.

Ronnie immediately started helping Erin & Leroy understand the most important parts of their home-building adventure. Then, he gave the details of the plan to one of our Civil Engineering Technicians. The plans were drafted and detailed.

When the plans were drafted, it was a matter of course to troubleshoot it, find various options, and discover the best solutions for their family.

“I really love the design you guys came up with.”
~Erin & Leroy D.

Taking confusion and creating clarity – it’s how we help homeowners.