About Us

At Williams Engineering Services, we work to make tough things look easy.

It all started one sunny day in 1998. Ronnie Williams took his years of experience working in government for farmers and began offering engineering services.

Since then, we’ve naturally grown into offering environmental services, building and site design as well as Project Management for our clients. From idea to installation – we’re there.

Ronnie Williams, PE

Ronnie is our fearless leader. He believes in being accessible for his clients, so if you’ve got his number, give him a call.

Kelly Jacobs, Senior Environmental Scientist

Kelly is ‘everything environmental’. She grooves on things like air modeling and grazing plans.

Heidi Schreiner, Civil Engineering Technician

Heidi is into drafting, surveying, and assisting with business management.

Doug Row, Project Manager

Doug is our ‘man on the scene’. He not only has a ton of experience in construction, but he’s also a farmer. It gives him a unique insight into everything we do.

Jordan Crusing, Civil Engineering Technician

Jordan not only gets into our site development, but he also utilizes all the powers of drafting for our pole building home design projects.

Elaine Greger, Administrative Assistant

Elaine keeps all the plates spinning, so we rely on her a lot.